Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do you charge registration fees and commissions?

We have an entire team at your disposal. Then you can create your online profile in a beautiful, bespoke storefront that your customers will love using from day one. Our commission system is also designed to help you grow your business. Instead of a fixed payment for each booking, we only charge you a commission for the customers we bring to you. After this first booking, we charge a lower commission for all subsequent bookings. We reinvest these costs in your business by developing new digital solutions.

Do I have to pay commission for my own clients?

No. We only charge a commission on customers who pay on the Carla+ Curls platform. All direct bookings made in your salon do not include any commission.

Is my information safe with you?

Making sure your information is safe and sound is our top priority. We will never use your data without your permission. You can view our privacy policy to learn more about how we store and use your data. And it's not just about you - all the customer information you keep on our software is also secure and GDPR compliant, so there's never a need to worry. 'using partners to learn more.

How does the Carla+ Curls booking system work?

Carla+ Curls allows salons to manage their own online calendar, in order to control their reservations and availability in complete autonomy. Each professional.le can thus synchronize their online calendar with Google Calendar, and update their booking details. If you notice any inconsistencies in your property's availability, please let us know.

I am a customer, why am I charged in advance?

At Carla+Curls, we aim to make life easier for our customers and professional partners. Our customers therefore have the possibility to book an appointment 24/7, with the possibility of modifying or cancel it 72 hours before the date of the appointment. These changes may however have an impact on the agenda of our partners.In order to prevent any inconvenience caused by undesirable behavior, we have implemented a secure payment policy benefiting to all. After a customer's reservation, we make a pre-payment within 7 days of the date of the appointment.This pre-payment corresponds to the payment for the service. If the customer wishes to cancel or modify his reservation, he can do so free of charge beyond the 72 hours preceding his appointment. Below this limit period, i.e. within 3 days preceding his appointment, a penalty of 3% of the amount will be charged. applied in

How and where to find your appointment information?

The information for your next appointment can be found in your confirmation email or in the application (see Planning). For each appointment you book via Carla+ Curls, a booking confirmation will be sent to you by e-mail. This e-mail will include the reference of your reservation, the information of the show, the information on the service delivered, the member of the team with whom you have reserved as well as your conditions for rescheduling and canceling your reservation. . In the application, your next reservations will be listed in the "Planning" tab on the home page of your user or professional account. For even easier access to your appointment details, sync the app with Google Calendar. ot

I want to contact you, how do I do that?

Contact us! We'd love to help you. Email us anytime at in order to get an answer as soon as possible.