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We are now aware that the curly, coily and kinky hair community has a habit of searching in vain for specialized salons to take care of their hair. In addition, part of this community has developed poor practices using methods that have been advocated for a long time, such as hair straightening with harmful products, weaving with unknown sources, which often leads to costly expenses to end up being accepted by Today we know that to break out of this routine we have to do a lot of research to learn how to take care of our natural hair Between isolation and the fault of sources professionals, we find a lot of conflicting information. That's why we developed Carla+ Curls, the first tool that uses technology to encourage the curly hair community to adopt their natural hair . that finally, a simple mobile app can change the lives of an entire community by teaching them how to take care of their hair and embrace their identity. We believe that helping people appreciate their natural hair empowers them to have the best care information and practices, when choosing to wear other types of hairstyles (eg. extensions, coloring, perms, wigs, braids etc.). We want to educate about natural hair and highlight its beauty. We believe that technology and in particular artificial intelligence can help achieve this goal. Indeed, we have partnered with Nancy Falaise, a curly hair specialist for 15 years, to provide professional recommendations and advice. Carla+ Curls also allows professionals build customer loyalty by providing a personalized experience that continues from the salon to the next appointment.


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Carla+ Curls was born in Paris, moved to Vancouver at the age of 18, then moved to Montreal to pursue her studies in political communication at the University of Montreal. During these years, she has developed numerous entrepreneurial projects. In 2020, she co-founded her marketing agency, MASA Agency, whose mission is to partner with companies and organizations with social impact to rethink their visibility, combining sustainable strategy...See more