Everything you need to build customer loyalty.

Build customer loyalty

Carla+ Curls allows you to retain your customers by offering a personalized experience that continues after leaving the salon until the next appointment. Stand out and promote customer retention!

  • Offer personalized advice regularly to each client of your salon after their visit.
  • Automatically send them reminder notifications to renew their cuts, colors, etc. or simply their appointments.

Management tools at your disposal

The Carla+ Curls application provides you with a range of management tools for:

  • View booked appointments and purchased products in your store via the app
  • Easily access customer records.
  • Explore your detailed reports and compare them to previous periods.

Sell your products through the app

Increase your sales! With the Carla+Curls online store you have the opportunity to sell your products directly.

  • Multiply your sales with our online store.
  • Gain visibility and facilitate access to your quality products.

Let's do great things together

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